Focus and Scope


JISTR (Journal of Information Systems and Technology Research) is published by the Ali Institute of Research and Publication (AIRA). This journal is an open access journal intended for researchers, lecturers and students who will publish research results in the fields of information systems, Information Technology and Science Technology.
JISTR (Journal of Information Systems and Technology Research) is a journal of scientific articles which are the result of ideas, big and original thoughts about the latest research and technological developments covering the fields of information systems, information technology, software engineering. , Multimedia, computer engineering , computer science and conducting systematic literature reviews summarized in one publisher. JISTR (Journal of Information Systems and Technology Research) is a recommendation for researchers to publish their scientific work which is published in 3 editions in one year, namely January, May and September.



Intelligence Business
Information Technology
Information Systems
Artificial intelligence
Autonomous reasoning
Bio-inspired algorithms
Cloud computing
Data science
Data mining
Data visualization
Decision support systems
Deep learning
Evolutionary computation
Fuzzy logic
Human-Computer Interaction
Hybrid intelligent systems, Adaptation and Learning Systems
IoT and smart environments
Knowledge mining
Machine learning
Neural networks
Pattern recognition
Soft computing
Prediction systems
Signal and image processing
System modeling and optimization
Time Series Prediction
Web Intelligence
Information Science
Systematic Literature Review
Collaborative E-Learning
Education Technology