Peer Review Process

Manuscript Screening

The Editor will check submitted manuscripts for a screening process for elements of 1) research weight, 2) plagiarism, and 3) grammatical suitability. Screening for plagiarism is carried out using the Turnitin application with a maximum limit of 25% similarity. Manuscripts that pass the three screenings will be forwarded to the peer-review process, while manuscripts that do not pass the research grade and plagiarism screening will be rejected. The Editor may reject the manuscript without going through the peer review process.


JISTR carries out a peer review process for manuscripts using the double blind-review method, where the reviewer does not know the Author's identity, and the Author also does not know the reviewer's identity. At least two reviewers review one manuscript. The Editor may add reviewers if deemed necessary. The Editor decides on the manuscript by considering the recommendations and suggestions from the reviewers.


Manuscripts are declared accepted and then forwarded to the copyediting process, which a special editor for copyediting carries out. Copyediting is correcting grammar, typography, and other writing formats according to JISTR publishing standards. After this stage, the Author is asked to review copyediting and provide corrections (if needed) to the manuscript, which has already passed the copyediting stage by the Editor.

Manuscripts that have passed the copyediting stage will be forwarded to the layout process, which a remarkable Layout Editor carries out. JISTR uses a unique layout for all manuscripts to be published to obtain interactive PDF documents with a predetermined format.

Manuscripts in the form of PDF documents that have been laid out will be sent to the authors and editors for the proofreading process. Authors are asked to check the document proofreading version and write correction notes on the PDF document. Correction notes are written by utilizing the "highlight" and "comment" features using the Adobe Reader application, Acrobat Reader DC, and it is kind. PDF documents that have been completed with correction notes must be sent back to the Editor to correct the final version of the article.

Manuscripts that have been corrected by the Layout Editor based on corrections to the proofreading process by the Author will be included in the list of publications in the appropriate Volume and Number. The article will be accessible online if the journal with the volume and number has been published.

The entire review process, including the Author's correspondence with editors and reviewers, is carried out through the JISTR website, which uses the OJS (Open Journal System) platform.