Low-Cost CCTV for Home Security With Face Detection Base on IoT


  • Muhammad Akbar Syahbana Pane Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia, Nort Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Khairul Saleh Jurusan Teknik Elektro, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Immanuel, Nort Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Andi Prayogi Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia, Nort Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Rahmad Dian Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia, Nort Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Ratu Mutiara Siregar Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia, Nort Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Raden Aris Sugianto Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia, Nort Sumatera, Indonesia




Face Detection, CCTV, IoT, Python


Monitoring is a necessary part of Home surveillance that can be done through the internet network as a security measure. Many CCTV cameras on the market today continue to employ analog and conventional technology, specifically coaxial wire. As a result, extra expenditures for CCTV system wiring are required; besides being more expensive, the installation takes more handling, as the picture data cable and control signal cable cannot be merged. This project aims to develop a security system capable of detecting object movement in real-time utilizing a webcam camera attached to a raspberry pi. The findings of this study enable the development of a low-cost CCTV system that can be monitored remotely via the Internet of Things.


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